Header Image – Full Moon in Sacramento, January 1, 2018

I believe that everyone can learn math, given the right environment, and that the feeling of accomplishment you gain from completing your goals is well worth the effort it requires. I believe in breathing, homework, making a lot of mistakes, learning from your mistakes, practice, laughter, group work, engaged students, energetic classrooms and barefoot teachers.

I believe in asylum, immigration and that Black Lives Matter. 

I believe our differences make us stronger together. 

I believe in celebrating each individual’s story and working together to help everyone achieve their dreams.

I believe in education and that it is my deep honor and joy to help others to access it.

My partner and I oversee a suburban zoo that includes two carpet weasels, 3.5 cats, one rabbit, four generations of wild crows, dozens of roses and a wildly passionate garden that usually has to tend to itself, because I spend so much time writing lectures and grading.  When I do eke out a little spare time, I enjoy photography, writing poetry, gardening and pyrotechnics.

BA in Applied Mathematics and Economics, UC Berkeley

MA in Pure Mathematics, UCLA

Mathematics Instructor at City College since 1995.

Parent, photographer, poet, pteacher and passionate pyrotechnician.

Fireworks at Shoreline 2017 – Setup
Fireworks at Shoreline 2017

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